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Meccanoo, interior solutions at their best

You may already have a clear vision of how your (new) workplace should be organised. That’s great, because then we can start working for you right away. Take a look at our catalogue, or take a look at previous projects that we have completed for inspiration. Your workplace is not just the space where you spend several hours a day, it is also your business card to the outside world.

Meeting rooms, workplaces, informal rooms. You just name it, Meccanoo can help you with it. Thanks to our experience in the field of interiors, we are able to empathize with the wishes and ideas of our customers. With us you are assured of the best possible result. Sit down for a cup of coffee. Together we will go through your plans and the corresponding budget, and let you go out with a satisfied feeling!


1. Introduction

At Meccanoo we are of the opinion that we can’t get started with a project or assignment before we know our customer. That’s why we always start with an introductory meeting. Who are you, what do you do and what do you want are the main questions. While enjoying a cup of coffee, we discover the core values and visual identity of your company. Together we ensure that your interior leaves a lasting memory with your customers!

2. Needs analysis

After the introductory meeting, we will look at what your company exactly needs. What look should the new furniture create, and what is the available budget? These are important questions that need answering before we can move on to the next step.


3. Proposal and examples

Your wishes and budget are clearly set out on paper. After that, we will look together at the final implementation. We will go through a number of examples and select your desired furniture. In this phase we will decide what your new interior is going to look like.

4. Agreements on implementation

Once your wishes have been mapped out, you of course want to know what the next step will be. We make clear agreements about the execution and delivery. What are we doing, at what price, and when should it be finished? After this phase you know exactly where you stand!


5.Contact, care and involvement

At Meccanoo the work is never done. We like to keep in touch with our customers. Just to know how well you liked our services. Or to find out whether something has not worked out exactly the way you expected. If there are still some questions left. We also like to hear your customers’ reactions to our work. We find this feedback important in order to continue to develop ourselves. We benefit from this, and so do you. Meccanoo remains involved with all its customers.

Is your interior ready for a new life?

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