Our three pillars: creation, innovation and realization

The design of your office reflects the identity of your company. Meccanoo translates your wishes into a workable and budget-appropriate (re)design of your working environment. Anyone can supply cheap (or expensive) office chairs and tables. What we do is actively think along with you about what your new interior should look like. Meccanoo in a nutshell, interior solutions at their best.

Our experience quickly gives us an idea of what our customers need. Trendy furniture may seem fun, but it may not always fit in with your company’s intended look. In close consultation with our customers, we always ensure that our interior solutions are in line with the identity of your organisation. If necessary, we can also customize all your furniture. This way you always have control over how your future interior will be realized!


Standard Furniture

We want to be able to provide our customers with high quality furniture. That is why we work together with the most renowned producers in Europe. We guarantee the durability and quality of the products.

Custom made

It frequently happens that the standard office and project furniture does not (fully) meet the wishes of our customers. Fortunately, this is not unsolvable problem for Meccannoo. We can customize a lot of furniture or even customize it from the drawing board. This way you are assured of the best possible result!



Do you need more than just office or project furniture? Our in-house print shop enables us to deliver prints cheaply, quickly and efficiently. You can deliver the design or the image, or we can search for the right image together. We carry out the production and assembly ourselves, so that we always have complete control over the quality!

Is your interior ready for a new life?

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