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We take away your concerns,
with amazing results

We don’t just start doing something. Consultation with the customer is essential to our process. After all, it’s about your office, your interior. In an introductory meeting we will map your wishes and together we will see how we can implement these wishes. All this, of course, within budget. As a customer you don’t have to worry about anything, Meccanoo takes care of the preparation and execution from A to Z. We choose the interior together with you, deliver it and install it on an agreed date. Leave the work to us!

Expozury over ons

The team behind Meccanoo

At Meccanoo we call ourselves accomplished packers. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of interior care, we have a reliable team with a lot of integral knowledge and skills. This makes it possible for us to take on a very broad scope of projects, with the certainty of a good end result.

Our priority is to let your brand steal the show and your customers go home with a lasting memory. Just as you put all your energy into your customers’ satisfaction every day, so we do the same for your interior. We call ourselves persevering, passionate and critical. We are only satisfied when you and your company are proud of your new interior.

Interior solutions at their best

Care and unburdening. Two key concepts that Meccanoo knows how to handle well through experience. We find the carefree feeling that we can give our customers worth a lot. Come to us with your idea, proposal or question and we will be happy to work for you. You don’t have to think about anything else; Meccanoo-san takes care of everything. From design, selection, transport to installation. We are proud of our experienced employees who are familiar with every step of the way. Carpenters, mechanics, logistics staff, print administrators and more. Meccanoo has it. Our priority is to take care of your interior and to remove your worries.


Is your interior ready for a new life?

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