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Meccanoo is a company with extensive experience. The design of your workplace is a more subtle process than you might think; it is important that your interior matches the integral values and visual identity of the company. The interior must fit in with the environment, impress customers and be efficient enough to be able to work pleasantly. Do you need custom furniture? Or a combination of custom-made with project design? Then you’re in good hands with us.

This is what we do

Standard furniture, custom-made and print


We want to be able to provide our customers with high quality furniture. This is why we work together with the most renowned producers in Europe. We guarantee the durability and quality of the products.


It frequently happens that the standard office and project furniture does not (fully) meet the wishes of our customers. Fortunately, this is not unsolvable problem for Meccannoo. We can customize a lot of furniture or even customize it from the drawing board. This way you are assured of the best possible result!


Do you need more than just office or project furniture? Our in-house print shop enables us to deliver prints cheaply, quickly and efficiently. You can deliver the design or the image, or we can search for the right image together. We carry out the production and assembly ourselves, so that we always have complete control over the quality!


How we work

At Meccanoo we go all the way for you


We understand well what it takes to bring a company’s interior to life. This is not simply a matter of adding furniture. Together we look at the integral and visual identity of your organisation, and base the interior design on this.


Meccanoo employs a large number of professionals who understand their profession. From carpenters to mechanics, from designers to truck drivers. You ask, we deliver.


We think it’s important that you don’t have any worries during our collaboration. You put the idea forward, we do the rest. Let us do the work.

Our customers

What our customers are saying

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  • ''Meccanoo is a trusted partner when it comes to furnishing our office and our clubs. They always deliver high quality furniture that fits in well with our corporate identity. In addition to Meccanoo's standard catalogue, we also regularly make use of the possibility of having furniture made to measure. We are proud of the result, which is an amazing new and fresh interior.'' 

    Guy van der Reijden
    Guy van der Reijden PLTS
  • “Meccanoo is a driven and professional company. They know the market, the people and they know very well from experience what does and doesn't work. Meccanoo thinks creatively along with Uber and is really focused on delivering added value.”  

    Kim Beumer
    Kim Beumer Uber Facility Manager Netherlands


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